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NJHC Competition Rules

Welcome competitors!

Please review the regulations for the 2024 NJHC event as a competitor.

Below are the general guidelines. Please download the pdf document for the complete rules.



  • All competitors must purchase one of the three, full weekend access ticket in order tocompete in any division. In addition, competitors must register and pay entry fees beforethe deadlines.

  • Competitors are responsible for reading, knowing and following all contest guidelines;taking special note of the specifics for the different divisions and levels.

  • Competitors must check in and be ready to dance 15 minutes before a division.

  • All contestants and attendees must sign a liability release, acknowledge their complianceto the NJHC guidelines and consent to unrestricted use of their photos, video and name which may appear in the event videos, websites and future promotions.

  • Good sportsmanship must be exhibited at all times.

  • A couples consists of one leader and one follower, no gender restrictions.

  • Judges will be evaluating competitors on the following skills: timing, technique,connection/lead/follow/partnering, content difficulty, musicality, and overallpresentation. In solo routines divisions these will also be evaluated: costumes, showpersonship, choreography, and specialty moves/tricks permitted in the division.

  • In solo routine divisions: routines may not exceed 3minutes and 30 seconds including an entrance and an exit.

  • In Salsa divisions, competitors may “break” “on 1” or “on 2”.

  • You cannot compete at NJHC as a Professional and an Amateur. You are either one orthe other.

  • Judges will mark down any competitor(s) dancing higher level material in a lower level division. Competitors must read the level descriptions and dance within each level’s description. This is for the equity of all competitors.

  • All music for choreographed routines must be a single track on a MP3 or flash drive and clearly labeled. Turn in your music to the DJ at least 60 minutes prior to your division. If you need your music’s tempo altered, started in the middle of the track or an early fade out, please have someone edit your music in advance.

  • During non-routine competitions, competitors must wear their bib numbers assigned to them upon registration check in. Bib numbers for amateur partnerships should be worn by the leader. For Jack and Jill divisions, all dancers should wear their bib numbers.

  • Competition entry deadlines are by 9PM the night before, with the exception of the

  • Sunday Jack and Jill divisions, which have a deadline of 1 hour before.

  • Competitors should stay in the ballroom during the entire session of the divisions in case of last-minute adjustments and announcements.

  • Costumes are recommended for Pro-Am, Am-Am and Routine divisions. Costumes not required for Jack and Jill divisions. Costumes are required for the “Hustle for the Hounds” competition fundraiser but may be simple.

  • Competitors should use the level definitions included below (or ask a reputable dance professional) to determine their level for competition.

  • Specific times are available for competitor floor trials: Friday at 5:00PM; Saturday at 9:00 AM and Sunday at 10:00 AM.

  • The consequence of breaking any of the above rules is either a lower placement or disqualification.

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